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INCPU - International News and Christian Prayer Update
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INCPU - International News and Christian Prayer Update

INCPU - International News and Christian Prayer Update
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Defend Israel - join an anti-Annapolis summit rally! ~ 11-13-07

Defend Israel - join an anti-Annapolis summit rally!
November 13th, 2007 ·

I received the following email this week from a man whose US-based ministry has long fought to defend Israel and its biblical right to this land. He and others like him are urgently calling for all Israel-loving Bible believers to make their way to Washington, DC and Annapolis, Maryland to confront the latest satanic attempt to divide this land and thwart God’s plans.

  • Jerusalem is in danger. The nation of Israel is in danger. Our families and communities are in danger. There is a battle raging, a revolution formulating and it is not focused on the Jews alone. What we see happening in Israel today with the people who refer to themselves as Palestinians is merely a war by proxy aimed at controlling God’s very throne, the place where He said His name would be known FOREVER, Jerusalem, more precisely Mount Moriah - the Temple Mount.

    If Islam can dominate the land of Israel and push the Jews into the Mediterranean (which to this day is the stated goal of PLO charter) there will be no stabilizing force to hold back the pan-Arab takeover of the Asian and African Continents, there will be no bridle in the mouth of the descendants of Ishmael who God Himself foretold would be a wild ass among men. Make no mistake about it, Islam is a revolution on a global scale. The Imams are teaching that their pseudo-god provided his faithful followers with an abundant supply of oil to fund the spread of Islam throughout the Earth. The oil is running out with only another twenty years left to accomplish their deed. This, to the point of total domination, where the infidel or unbeliever is only allowed to survive as a slave and is heavily taxed. This can already be seen happening in most of the Islamic countries throughout the world today.

    My point is this - Right now the framework is being set for an unprecedented take over of Israel’s biblical inheritance. If Islam takes control of the land now being proposed, not only will there not be peace in the Middle East, the stage will be set for insurrection throughout the world. There is a unique opportunity to make a stand to help protect Israel from Arab aggression while never leaving American soil. We can make a difference, together, at a time when Israel is having her arm twisted by an administration desperate to create a legacy for itself at the expense of the Jewish people.

    We can lift our voices in opposition at the front of the White House and at the front gate of the Annapolis Naval Academy. Permits to assemble have been secured at both venues on the dates of the conference in Annapolis. We need voices. We need faithful believers who can come together and say to the mountain of political coercion facing Israel, be removed.

    A coalition of Jewish and Christian organizations is working together to rally support for Israel and defend Jerusalem from Arab aggression. The dates for the rallies are November 25 at the White House and the 26th and 27th at Annapolis.

    Sincerely,Ed WarmothBuilders of Zion Executive Director
    ed@buildersofzion.orgwww.buildersofzion.orgUS Phone: 407-971-7631

These guys clearly understand that this battle is a spiritual one at its root, and that action is needed. Many Christians, even ones who firmly support and love Israel, believe that since everything is ultimately in God’s hands anyway, there is no need for us to take action. This position is wrong. If anything, the Bible teaches us that God desires to accomplish His will through us. He has honored us by inviting us to partner with Him, and we should not miss that opportunity.

If you are able, make every effort to be one of those physically and publicly standing for Israel when later this month the nations of the world again come against her to try and wrest control of the most important and strategic parts of this land.

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